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Every donation that you make helps us to pay for food for the dogs, medical care, supplies such as crates, collars, leashes, toys, and treats, as well as covering transport fees so we can continue to save more and more dogs in high kill shelters across the country. 


A $25 donation gives us the ability to provide one of our dogs with a new collar, new leash, toys, or treats. It also pays for them to go to the vet or groomer to get their nails clipped. 

A $50 donation covers 90% of a large bag of food, while typically covering smaller to medium sized bags of food that we can buy to feed the dogs in our care. It also can cover the cost of simple antibiotics from a vet that a dog may need incase of infection. 

A $75 donation covers the cost of one large bag of dog food that we can buy to feed the dogs in our care. It also covers medications like doxycycline and other more targeted medications for specific conditions. A donation in this amount also covers the cost of a standard flea and tick collar. 

A $100 donation will cover the cost of a years worth of heartworm preventative for a single dog, as well as an initial intake visit with a vet. It also can help to cover more expensive medications for specific conditions. 

A $250 donation will cover the cost of a neuter or spay surgery for a dog, or can cover the cost of full panel blood work for a dog. 

A $500 donation can cover the cost of  an ultrasound, x rays, and extensive diagnostic tests for a sick dog. 

You can donate through our Paypal or our Venmo

If you'd like you can sponsor the care of one of our dogs by doing a reoccurring donation of $5, $10, $15, $20, or $25 every month. You'll get recognition here on our website, and your name/family (whichever you would prefer) will appear at the bottom of the adoption bio for the dog you are sponsoring. 

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